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Originally Posted by airman View Post
I believe the decline in new shooters is because the sport of FT is becoming a rich guys sport, they should standardize the rifles and minimize the shooting equipment and let would be shooters start from basic stuff.
most of the rifles used are dedicated target rifles not hunting rifles, after all you are mimic in hunting while shooting silhouette animal - birds targets, you wouldn't enter a Rally using a F1 car or would you.
we are not trying to mimic hunting. FT/HFT are target sports which have nothing to do with hunting. well thats unless your quarry, stays still, has a poor sense of smell, total fearless attitude to humans,poor eyesight and would stop there so long you could approach it club it to death, bayonnete it or do anything you like to save on the lead. decline? where does this information originate? where has it been suggested that its a rich mans sport?
i have seen break barrel spring powered weapons on the FT curcuit, hardly the most technogical rifle.
you are entitled to your opinion but dont quote it as fact!
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