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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Not in the least, Neil. NSRA isn't perfect - it is not exactly profitable and has in the past been supported by long term loans - but its membership package is much more than what BFTA offers. You know that already as you have chosen - like me - to be a full member. It would not cost 83 a year per head to manage simple direct membership. What does it cost this forum - and its contemporaries - to manage its members? We can have votes and polls on here. Gone are the days of ballot papers unless a Luddite wishes to keep them.

Suddenly this concept of direct membership is identified as Rich's idea. I'd just like to take us back a few pages when I said it was a candidate for learned debate. I'm not the only learned one on here (ha ha) so let's have some debate, sponsor willing of course.
Yes but NSRA has 5000+ paying members (life, full, associate), debt and all the rest. No idea how many would be prepared to pay an annual fee? 50? 100? Just so they get an equal say with all the trolls who abide on such forums? There is a lot to be said for clubs meeting up in a regional group and getting ideas sorted and then have those presented at a national meeting. Does any regional association poll every club member for their thoughts and opinions and then digest it in to a few proposals for an evening meeting?

Using something like a web forum to determine the operation of an organisation sounds fine in principal but details are the pain. Who can vote? members only? who are members - those who pay and records show them to have paid a fee. Members need to be identifiable with postal address checks - again takes admin. Web fraud is as old as the Internet (click-fraud bots are way old).

Voting when it really doesn't matter is trivial but not when there are funds involved, expenditures incurred, an audited accounting trail required.

I am sure you already know how hard it is to get motions proposed, phrased correctly and submitted on time for a meeting agenda. And there is nothing worse when you are enjoying the sport, lining up on a target when someone wants to talk about the last or next meeting ..

Having informal discussion groups and polls sounds like a good way for regional reps to get feedback on ideas but I do not think it is workable as a means of setting national policy directly i.e. any such process should be non-binding and is there to sample 'public opinion'