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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Hi Rich

. I note that the current individual Annual membership fee is 83.00 (63.00 for Associate). So are you suggesting that everyone who wishes to interact directly with BFTA should pay a commensurate fee at those sort of levels?

Not in the least, Neil. NSRA isn't perfect - it is not exactly profitable and has in the past been supported by long term loans - but its membership package is much more than what BFTA offers. You know that already as you have chosen - like me - to be a full member. It would not cost 83 a year per head to manage simple direct membership. What does it cost this forum - and its contemporaries - to manage its members? We can have votes and polls on here. Gone are the days of ballot papers unless a Luddite wishes to keep them.

Suddenly this concept of direct membership is identified as Rich's idea. I'd just like to take us back a few pages when I said it was a candidate for learned debate. I'm not the only learned one on here (ha ha) so let's have some debate, sponsor willing of course.