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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Forms come with the Rifleman mag. If you are an associate member and not a full member then you don't have voting rights. That might be it.
Hi Rich

Yes (I am Full member) and there are voting rights for the AGM (usually a proxy but just the AGM). That is not the same as attending a Board meeting or something different like the Shooting Council or any of the other committees where the kind of input being discussed in this thread is concerned. The Annual Report is very good as one would expect with the resources (full time staff, etc) of the NSRA. I note that the current individual Annual membership fee is 83.00 (63.00 for Associate). So are you suggesting that everyone who wishes to interact directly with BFTA should pay a commensurate fee at those sort of levels?

Fees would have to be much higher to have full-time employed staff to even process such fees. If individual members propose motions, amendments, etc with equal weight to those offered by the various committees and trustees/board then the administrative burden rapidly grows out of control and again that needs staff and higher fees.

BFTA is a volunteer based organisation with no call on anyone's time.

Good luck with formulating a new structure but if you propose motions to enable it you equally need to ensure there are funding mechanisms in place to carry them through.