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Default banning stuff?

Originally Posted by sven View Post
You mean the Daystates with electronics in them. Good point. I would like the answer to that from the SARPA guys banning electronic devices. And electronic thermometers like some FT shooters are using are also not allowed? And is an illuminated reticle not an electronic device as well?
I'm all in favour off banning electronics from (H)FT shooting, including the Rowan digital side wheel, illuminated rets, etc.

But making a good set of rules is not that easy. I personally like the way the WFTF has formulated their rules on equipment in article 1.4
They use a list of equipment that you are allowed to use. Much easier to define and regulate than banning things in rules.

(now they only have to add a ban on Gimp coats in article 1.5 and i'm a total fan of the WFTF )
sven, now,now i told you in a previous post you can borrow the gimp suit, no need to ban them. i know the cost may be prohibative but you can borrow THE ONE! nice little black number will stretch a bit as shown in that photo, so no worries there.
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