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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Yes Rob, my point exactly...crap isn't it?. Just checking the figures again and 50 quid per trophy???

Like i said i will contact my region rep.
I don't know where you're getting the 50 from Chris... could you point me to it?

It might be that there's more trophies than is originally thought of...

9 GP's with 6 classes, 1st to 3rd? That's 162... then there's the Masters, Inters, Champs, Euros, and Showdown off the top of my head... I seem to remember the top 3 teams each getting something in the Inters so that's 45 there... Champs goes down to 10 I believe. Masters not sure. Euros not sure. But lets say that's another 50 at least... so in rounding up, it's like 250-300 trophies each year. So if that's the 3800 figure it puts them at about 12 each by my rough reckoning.

The constitution is what it is. If one feels it should be better by all means jump in. I know from myself and Helen doing CSFTA's that it took days of her time, and 1-2 of mine, and was difficult work. And I know that the one we borrowed from a region was so full of holes it was extremely surprising the NSRA accepted it as insurable. But they didn't probably look at it that carefully. Somewhere I might be able to find it with all the red ink highlighting the problems if you're really interested.
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