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Originally Posted by rich View Post
With the greatest respect to the delegates who represent the regions (the "members") it is maybe asking a lot for them to take up these points as they arise at a meeting, when their own interests and experiences ill-equip them to ask the right questions.

Personally I think the case for a change in the structure - so that the shooter is the member - is a firm favourite for learned debate.
Then with the greatest respect, come up with the constitution and propose it. Because with the colossal amount of work that's involved that is the only way it's going to be done given that currently there is more workload than those that give their time freely can take on.

Bright suggestions on a forum mean sweet naff all. Getting off one's backside, putting down the sideline sniper kit and getting stuck in doing some work counts for much more, and guess what, unlike tippy tapping on the internet, gets the idea stands an actual chance of getting somewhere.
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