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Originally Posted by airman View Post
Brilliant bit of work, some folk just wouldn't now where to start so they rather make fun of something.
It's just some guys having a giggle on the internet fella.

I'm sure the owner is proud and if it shoots well and he's happy then that's all that matters.

I couldn't give a **** if the stock is grade 4 Walnut carved by Jesus's Dad or whether it looks like a cross between Optimus Prime and a Polio victim's leg brace ( most target guns do ).

The 'let's use standard guns' thing is about 20 odd years too late.

Nobody's really commented on the Juniors coming into the sport.

Most of the more 'physical' sports like Football, Rugby, Cricket need little money spent to get a youngster going. Cricket probably needs a bit of kit but at most clubs if a youngster is keen and doesn't seem to have a great amount of cash then kit is found for him ( everyone has old clothing, bats, pads etc that they will give them ). You probably don't get many people giving a youngster their old Pro Target or FT scope ( there probably is the odd folk and I know Chris C does the kit thing for a youngster ... but it probably isn't a common thing at every club ).

I went to a FT club recently and a young lad, about 12, turned up for the first time with his Dad. The club lent him the club gun, a S400 with a basic zoom scope, and he went around with that. His Dad was asking what the various kits that he could see cost ... and he was getting whiter and whiter as the figures were announced. So I don't know if that put the lad ( his Dad ) off.

I suppose even a basic set up with a pcp, scope, charging gear is going to cost several hundred. That's whether you are plinking or shooting FT or HFT or SARC. So maybe 500 puts folk off just as much as 2000.

Maybe it's a sport where there are some younger guys but a lot of people get into it at a later age ... dare I say a bit like Bowls or Golf?

Anyway numbers seem to be good and you guys seem to think all is well so there's no problem.

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