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Talking There is only one loser

Originally Posted by UnSean View Post
On reflection, I understand that all of you that voted for and defend the putting on of Raffles for big prizes.
As a back door means, to hopefully 1 day win something significant for the first and only time in your useless lives or because you got lucky and won something in the past, knowing fully you won't win by skill (exception of Gilly he is a winner) again! So you get a raffle ticket.

You lot a highly skilled losers should be ashamed.

My qualifications
C class, only won a raffle, never practices, EX keyboard worrier, I hope you all choke on your paperweights. Losers.
I shot all of the all of the gp's last year as in was just going into my second year. I learnt an awful lot and had alot of fun. The experiance i learnt from it i put towards this years winter league and averaged just under 84% for the 10 shoots so i will be going up a grade,or even two.

I think there are two issues here firstly the overall prizes, if people want a cash prize then the fees will have to go up and to be honest the petrol for me is a big enough issues getting to the gps, as it is.

secondly the raffle prizes that is what it is a RAFFLE . the shooters cards including the AA all get drawn out , to win a spring gun or s400 or a tin of oil etc. They are given by the manufactures for this and someone spends alot of time going round and collecting all of these prizes, they do not just appear out of thin air and arrive at the last gp. There are also the goody bags for the top so many in each class. They are assembeled and put into bags. There is alot of skill to get in the top few of any grade in the gp's

The top 10 i think , i may be corrected on this qualify for the world champs? and also of course there is a nice trophy and winner of the gp series (would not have the same ring to it 'winner of raffle series')

There is alot of experiance to be gained from shooting the gps and the only Losers are the people that do not or have not shot them
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