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Originally Posted by UnSean View Post
On reflection, I understand that all of you that voted for and defend the putting on of Raffles for big prizes.
As a back door means, to hopefully 1 day win something significant for the first and only time in your useless lives or because you got lucky and won something in the past, knowing fully you won't win by skill (exception of Gilly he is a winner) again! So you get a raffle ticket.

You lot a highly skilled losers should be ashamed.

My qualifications
C class, only won a raffle, never practices, EX keyboard worrier, I hope you all choke on your paperweights. Losers.
Do you have any intention of shooting an FT comp or is your main objective just to get people's back's up ?
I'm sure the way your going you will be welcomed with open arm's to the comp series,from the sound's of it you will need one of the paper weight's put in the raffle for you to stand a chance of winning any thing
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.