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Default Stock & Action - Consistency issue

Hi Fellow shooters,

I think I know the answer to this one, but would like to canvas other more experienced shooters opinion.

The Story.... Over the past few weeks I have not been impressed with my protargets consistency, every few pellets it would be up to 3 mil dots right, low and combinations of the 2. After doing a few checks on Sunday and not getting any where (cleaned barrel, checked barrel was secure, check scope mounts, muzzle brake for clipping) I had decided that it was time it went to someone more experienced for a service.

So, tonight I remove the action from its Paul Wilson stock and notice a fresh mark on the underside of the action. On further investigation it seems that 1 of the 2 cap screws was touching and applying pressure to the action! All I can think of is that when I removed the action 5 or so weeks ago to fit my Butt Hook, I must have mixed the cap screws up causing one to now foul.

The question... Would this pressure from the cap screw cause all of my consistency issues. Have I been a right muppet and a simple screw been causing all y head aches (there's a joke in that somewhere)

Let me know your thoughts....

Thanks Tristin

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