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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
As suggested by Jack (Strokebloke), I am going to start a this thread.

It might cheers us all up to see what everyones worse moment, in their eyes, has been in the shooting competition career. It might make us all feel mortal.

Mine is as follows:-
1996 - GP at Worcester FTC (I think it was, a long time ago) and coming from winning a local Open shoot the weekend before at Nomads FTC was feeling all primed for a good result at the shoot. Did everything the same on the course yet walked away with only a total of 12 hit targets and 16 splits which none when down. Felt like chucking all all in at the end of the day.

Did not know why it went so day there was a breeze from memory but not a howling gale just a steady one with the occasional gust. Pellets I saw hit were going where I was not expecting, OK for high just left and right of the kill zones.

So what has been yours

i went to a shoot in 1995, dosed with a flu, coughing my lungs up and so on.
Sat down at the lane, 3rd lane i think ? Started coughing in a way that left me breathless, coughed some more and threw up into my pellet pouch
Day game and street credit GONE.
i STILL get the odd smart remark from folk that were there and seen the carnage lol
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