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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
That's good that you now have clarified your original post. I didn't really understand what you were looking clarified.

At the end of the GP series is the coveted trophy and the sense of achievement knowing your top dog in the country over a series of shoots.

The raffle is a sponsored prize used to give everyone in attendance an opportunity to actually win something.

I have suggested a cash prize for the winner of each GP, as a collection of paperweights all the same is a bit useless but that's something for the next BFTA meeting possibly.

It usually helps when you comment that you actually can base your comments on opinions based on your experience. You clearly don't know what your talking about as you are using 2nd hand information. As for a licence, just what are you on about?? Do you shoot FT withy a PCP, or the keyboard? Do you actually shoot an air rifle?
What I do is my business, or is there restrictions or qualifications as to who.can ask questions, maybe only AA or EX world champions can ask questions.

What's your problem?