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Default No raffle

Originally Posted by UnSean View Post
Until the part of my clarification request is clarified, I cannot comment further.

Does the GP entry fee state, it's for the shooting comp or a raffle?

Did the Rifle won in the raffle, get bought or was it donated for free advertising and was it donated on the basis it would be raffled?
The prize is a donation from several sponcer's that the trade liason officer has spocken with and arranged a prize.
It's not a raffle in the sence that you buy a ticket,raffle ticket's are used to determin the winner.
You get issued with a ticket when you pay your booking in fee,the idea of doing this at each GP was to reduce the amount of big prizes that get given away at the final GP.
I think if prize money is introduced to the series it will only lead to back bitting and b1tching ,that in my opinion is not part of the fun of FT.
If you would like to win an FTP 900 at this year's Euro's at Weston Park,come along and win and it's your's .
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