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I think this all comes down to where the prize money would come from.

If there were a generous sponsor for the AA grade series winner then job done.

If you increase the GP entry fees across all grades just to give it to the top AA then I can't see all the other grades who have no chance of winning it being willing to stump up the extra (on top of diesel, etc).

Maybe increase the entry fee for AAs and leave it the same for all the other grades (A, B, C, Piston, Open). Or have an optional extra fee for those AAs who think they can win the pool?

Present system is good and keeps folks' interest up in the mid-session break as the raffle is drawn.

Anyway, it was discussed at the EGM and there was no support for any change in fees for the 2014 season - anyone can think about this and push their regional reps for changes for the 2015 season if that is the general feeling. Better still find a sponsor willing to fund the cash for one or more seasons.

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