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Default Wafta 2014/15 rd6 @ Tondu AR & FTC

A better than recent entry (36 today) for the Wafta ft shoot at Tondu. Even the weather played its part in keeping us dry and making the course tricky with what seemed a strong wind, but often let shooters pellet carry on their straight path to the plate!

Mostly L - r with the gusts meaning timing was essential, then the odd R - L to catch some out. I think most enjoyed the course

AA Class


Awesime Evans 38 (With luck and Desire
Doz 35 (always shoots well at tondu, should join us)
Nigle Hayman 34 (Top Ftp shooter, not had it long enough for it to break yet)
Berty 34 ( I wont mention kneelers x3)
Richard Beaugie 33 (Going to be close with Franklin at the Worlds ?)
Arms Dealer 32 (blames 12 hours work and 4 hour sleep, I say Gimp coat)
Little Jack 32 ( I wont mention 25ml kills x 3)
Russ Summers 31 ( I wont mention the need to dial for t 1 !!)
Gary Powell 31 (won the Height off With Shunter)
Chris Keyworth 28 (Probably on the way to the post office to look for his Hook?)
Dave Gage 27 (Too many fast Women ??)
Chubby 27 (I think chubby got a Stammer, he said AA but obviously
meant A?)

A class

Gareth James 31 ( telling his wife aim in all the wrong places, I was listening)
John Jonson 30 (did the score sheet, say no more lol)
Acid Hands 30 (I wont mention double dinking standers at 20 + 25 yards)
Craig Corbett 29 (Should have left close focus on for all shots?)
John Parry 29 (I wont mention he pumped his AA shooting partner, but dave
please lend John a woman)
Big Dave 29 (Bet you wish you did not sell me that scope now )
John Lewis 28 ( Fancy chipping Snappy's paint)
Gwynne robinson 25 ( Got an FTP that also don't like mini kills)
Mike Long 24 (Derk nearly had you)

B Grade

Zahed Khan 31 ( You can elect to go up a class you know lol)
Chris coombes 30 (If only he had a watch )
Brian Langford 28 (If only he had an Ev2)
Dai Cooper 28 (If only he had used the ev2)
Gary Williams 27 ( If only he had used Nigels FTP)
Zak Zaman 23 (The wheels on the bus go round and round, not fall off)

c grade

Martin Davies 27 (You been robbed, don't blame me but top shooting today)
Steve rosier 23 (Leave his scope alone lol_
Stuart Kingshot 17 ( Its easy to do)
Anette James 14 (thank god for the targets in the woods)
Mathew Yoeman 11 (Sell that 4x4 and buy a pcp)
Lee Sage 4 ( First shoots are always hard,
not helped by having a clown as a partner)

Spring Class

Derk 23 (Thank God I sold that Duff springer)
Dan Horricks 20 (Are you sure pcp is not for you??)

Comments as ever to amuse not to offend, say if they do.

Photos tomorrow as I am off out tonight to spend my winnings in the Curry house
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