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As with all those above, a massive *well done* to all those who put the time and hard work into organising this cracking event. I can only imagine the logistical headaches multiple disciplines and multiple teams must have been to get into some semblance of order.

It was one of the most enjoyable days shooting myself and dad have been to with the sheer variety of disciplines to have a go at and the relaxed atmosphere it all went off in. *WELL DONE* all of you!

I managed to christen my new-old Beretta that I'd picked up last week at the shooting show (technically the first shotgun I've fired under 120 years old) which was a great relief when: a. it worked, and b. it did hit something and not just engulf me in a blue fug.

That pistol course was an XYZ though wasn't it... I think we were the last group to shoot it and it was noticeable that the plates still looked remarkably clean. Hats off to Steve 'HW45' Whiting on his superb 21 there.

The final result was as much of a surprise to me as anyone else, quite likely more so. Being 'fair-to-middling' in one event, 'okay' in another, 'passable' in the third and 'downright-blooming-lucky' in the fourth clearly paid off. *ahem*.

Thanks to all those involved again.

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