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Default Gimp Jackets Etc.

Read just about all of this thread & there seems to be a distinct them & us between FT & HFT shooters regarding price of kit in FT & HFT,now we all know kit used in FT can be a bit on the pricey side,if you want it to be(all my kit is 2nd hand & cost no more than a good quality HFT kit)
At 72 I will never be a top shot,but I do enjoy having good kit & enjoying the game with a bit of banter thrown in
But take a look @ kit some use in HFT,--Steyr,FWB P70 ,Daystate GP ,Anschutz there has obviously been a drift away from the original concept of the general off the shelf hunting type of rifle in HFT.
Now we have electronic triggers & read outs on many rifles used in HFT ,holding onto maker pegs & leaning against things,which all aid stability.
Many things are differant in each branch of shooting,the last thing shooters need is to fall out with each other,after all we are not on everyones Christmas list, it is important to promote a united front.
Simple solution to the question of what is allowed in Ft is to rename it as open class FT,as the man said Ft is the formula 1 of shooting & advancement is a natural developement be it with jackets or scopes or rifles.
Stop messing about with jackets,what is next adustable hamsters,some will wear them most will not,personnally can`nt see a problem.Good shots are good with or without.
Previously I read of all the complaints concerning cusions & how they were used,supporting areas that in some peoples opinions they should`nt-- dear me FT has been around a long time both here & abroad why has there not been a set of international rules to govern what can & cannot be allowed.
I am on the fringer of FT but hear folks talk of moving towards Oylimpic status--- this will never happen unless FT in UK & the rest of the world gets it`s act together.
Regards Pete
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