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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I do love you FT guys.

Oh and I say ban nowt ... I'm all for this new DSW stuff. I want rifles and scopes that are computer controlled with built in windicators and range/elevation controls so that the kit picks the aim point itself. I want triggers that go off when the shooter just thinks about firing and the shooters medicated so that their hearts stop. I want bean bags the size of those inflatable safety mattresses firemen use. I want Gimp jackets, Gimp trousers, Marshalls wearing Gimp masks and kneelers taken with a mouth gag.who cares if anyone can actual shoot.
Skires: I have found your dream scope:

"“With TrackingPoint, even a novice shooter can become an elite long-range marksman in minutes, accurately and effectively engaging targets out to 1,200 yards,” the company said in a press release."
Tracking Point Solutions:

Just what you guys all would like to own. Still somewhat expensive at $22000 but they are getting cheaper all the time, like all electronics stuff. So in a few years this will more affordable. And cost was no issue for FT shooters as many have argued above. There is also a laser wind meter that measures the wind over the full trajectory and tells the Rifle how much to compensate. Can be calibrated for any calibre so .177 must be feasible as well.
Let us allow all this kind of stuff in FT. And off course the Rowan DSW as well just a toy compared to Tracking Point. Hook it all up to your rifle and there you go. After all, and let me quote Skires, here: " It's beating the next bloke that counts ... and getting points on a scorecard ... who cares if anyone can actual shoot."

But back to the GIMP coat poll. I second Skires: I do love you FT guys.
Nice discussions. Not always fair or to the point but certainly interesting. Let me remind you that I was just Asking, not forcing any rule on you.
And I even managed to keep former World champions and current European champions distracted from their favorite telly show (Hairy Bikers was it?) on a Thursday night.

Conclusion: The majority votes to allow GIMP coats in FT shooting.
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