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I do love you FT guys.

The comments about the best shooter being made to take off his Gimp coat and he still wins is not a great argument. He's the best shooter ( or a very good one ) so the Gimp suit would maybe be just giving him a very slight advantage. It won't turn a numpty into a Champ. We all know that.

I've shot HFT since it started and I remember the old FT guys telling me that it would turn into a kit race. I told them they were talking b0ll0x. Oh how they were wrong!

... but it's still the top shooters that put the hours in practising that win comps in FT, HFT or anything else so do kit races really matter?

I don't suppose they do ... and from someone just starting out properly in FT I look at the rifles, and the stocks, and the buttpads ( they cost more than my entire kit does ), and the scopes ... and if that hasn't put you off because you think you need to spend a fortune to play this sport, then a 100 quid Gimp suit won't be a problem.

So will the finance involved in a Gimp suit put folk off? Wouldn't have thought so.

So is the OP's problem that it gives and unfair advantage? What, compared to thousands of pounds worth of rifles, scopes and add ons ? ... and it's too late to get rid of all those and everyone goes back to HW77's and 3-9 scopes ... and we've already nailed it that the best shooters will win anyway. So probably no great advantage. If you are worried just buy one like has been said. Stocks tucked inside jackets ... where does that end? I dunno.

I'm just looking in on FT as I start to give it a try so my opinions are probably worth zip diddly ... however, sometimes someone looking in totally unbiased, because he has no friends to please or not upset, can give an honest and fresh opinion.

To me, it looks like numbers are quite good in FT. I look at all the scoreboards and there seems to be lots of people attending. The club shoots that I've attended so far seem to be have been well attended although there seems a massive range of abilities ( I suppose that's no bad thing ). The one thing that I have noticed that does interest me ... is the age of the shooters. The geatest majority of shooters seem to be ... er ... mature folk. I've not seen those many youngsters ( under 20 ). Especially compared to HFT where there does seem to be a lot of juniors ... and junior ladies ( ... the OP mentioned the popularity of HFT ).

Maybe that's because HFT is easier to get a reasonable score and so is more attractive to starters. It's also probably a bit more fitness demanding with getting up and down from prone and getting into difficult positions. Maybe as HFT'ers get a bit older like me and their eyes and bodies aren't as good they will move to FT.

In the sport I come from the league will kick you out if you don't have millions of juniors and plenty of coaches working with them.

Anyway, the point of mentioning that, was that all this kit business ( and banning nowt ) is fine as long as it's not deterring youngsters from coming into the game. Like we've said ... best shooters win anyway.

So what's the general story regarding youngsters coming in? Is it far healthier in other areas? Loads of youngsters coming in ... or is it a sport that generally attracts a more mature person?

Oh and I say ban nowt ... I'm all for this new DSW stuff. I want rifles and scopes that are computer controlled with built in windicators and range/elevation controls so that the kit picks the aim point itself. I want triggers that go off when the shooter just thinks about firing and the shooters medicated so that their hearts stop. I want bean bags the size of those inflatable safety mattresses firemen use. I want Gimp jackets, Gimp trousers, Marshalls wearing Gimp masks and kneelers taken with a mouth gag. It's beating the next bloke that counts ... and getting points on a scorecard ... who cares if anyone can actual shoot.

Anyway ... the worms have been a devil on the fine turf this Winter.

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