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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
I say don't ban nothing, everybody has the option of having a gimp coat ect, if you want one get one. If they offered alot of support standing everyone would have one not just some people. I'm up for discussion but I feel that this forum is becoming a little annoying, people wanting this banned and that banned it seems everytime I come on here, the only reason people want things banned is to suit themselves. If you want to improve your shooting and scores get off the computer and go shooting, also worry about what your equipment is not every else's.
Conor has made the best point anyone would think he was Welsh. You can buy and use what you like but you can't buy targets!
Little Jack
My word Jack thats a sensible post from you....regards.
I didn't go to Norway to look at rocks & water youth, I went to shoot.
Avoid Welsh Paparazzi
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