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Originally Posted by sven View Post
Yes I'm a FT shooter and No it is not so much the cost. But cost is an argument contra. Although we now mostly see the cheaper Olympic style jackets in FT, there are some much more (500 to 600 pound) expensive jackets available (Anschutz, Thune, Mouche) and I'm sure they will appear in FT on some big money spending person some day soon.

It has to do with the way it looks to the general public and new shooters: It looks strange, it looks special, the world champion is using one so I need one too if I want to perform.
And it is how it feels to be strapped up for the first time in such a jacket. I own 2 of these jackets and spend some 20 years of shooting smallbore and airgun in them so I know how it feels. If I took my jacket off I would shoot at least 20 points less in the standing airgun position. I have tried that.

The arguments like "this and this person has won this and that shooting in his old coat" do not hold. The olympic style jackets do offer a lot of extra support in the standing position. That is what they were made for. If it was easier to shoot without one no shooter would use them.

IMHO it does not add to the sport of FT. It causes a more uneven playing field. Scares newcomers. Ban and Bin them jackets before even more shooters spend money on them.
I say don't ban nothing, everybody has the option of having a gimp coat ect, if you want one get one. If they offered alot of support standing everyone would have one not just some people. I'm up for discussion but I feel that this forum is becoming a little annoying, people wanting this banned and that banned it seems everytime I come on here, the only reason people want things banned is to suit themselves. If you want to improve your shooting and scores get off the computer and go shooting, also worry about what your equipment is not every else's.
Conor has made the best point anyone would think he was Welsh. You can buy and use what you like but you can't buy targets!
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