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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Raid fly spray is quite sensational and has thrown my hard boiled egg post to the way side.

Is the Raid fly spray for your work trip to Tanzania ? There well be a lot of the little bleeders there.
I'd take at least three tins

This is related to the mother-in-law placing chicken carcasses on my bird table. At the time I made some crack along the lines of ‘’is this the Serengeti that we have Vultures at our bird table’’ but then lo the next morning the carcass was gone. I shrugged my shoulders at the time, slightly annoyed that nature had vindicated her bizarre choice of offering and quickly thought of other things.

The balance of probabilities now seems to be that rat(s) dragged this foul meat under my floor, as during the period of time known as the carcass/bird table epoch I had removed a panel at the rear of my house to expose my central heating drain plugs. This handy little flap is close to the bird table and exposes my sub floor.

Some weeks later the smell of rotten meat was impossible to ignore. This is known as stench era. Stench era gradually subsided in mid January. The ultimate harvest has been visited on me over these last few days as we have entered the fly plague interval. I have recently spent my ‘free time’ randomly lifting floorboards looking for decaying flesh and spraying out-sized bluebottles.
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