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Originally Posted by airman View Post
I believe the decline in new shooters is because the sport of FT is becoming a rich guys sport, they should standardize the rifles and minimize the shooting equipment and let would be shooters start from basic stuff.
most of the rifles used are dedicated target rifles not hunting rifles, after all you are mimic in hunting while shooting silhouette animal - birds targets, you wouldn't enter a Rally using a F1 car or would you.
Do you actually have any idea?

1. As Brian said FT appears to be actually increasing in popularity, both in the UK and worldwide.
2. It is not, nor has it ever been, simulated hunting.
3. Would-be shooters can and do shoot with "basic stuff", are made very welcome doing so, and often do very well with it. If they take to the sport it's up to them to what degree. If they want to upgrade their kit or carry on with what they've got.

How would you propose to "standardize" (sic) rifles? Sounds like a recipe to really kill off the sport to me.
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