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Originally Posted by sven View Post
Nice poll, isn't it? I like the discussion. Throw at me what you like, I can handle that. But let me warn you that I will come over to your island this summer................. (if you still allow me in by then )

My main argument for banning GIMP/ Olympic jackets is that it makes the sport less attractive to NEW shooters that may want to start in FT. HFT is allready overtaking it in popularity.

I see it happening over here with the Olympic/ISSF smallbore and airgun shooting. Every year we see less and less shooters at the regional and national matches. To the point that we now only have half the shooters that we had 10 years ago. People keep shooting but change to other types. The sporter class, benchrest and F-class type of shooting is growing, airgun, smallbore and high power classes of it.
And when I ask new members in my club they are just not attracted to all these gimmicks of special coats, gloves, spectacles, slings. They just want to shoot. They gladly pay for a shiny new expensive aluminum stocked airrifle but don't like to be strapped into an expensive straitjacket.
The ISSF seems to have the same opinion because their rules are gradually changing to thinner shooting clothes. Canvas shooting trousers are no longer allowed for 50m smallbore prone. And more new rules are about to follow.

I wonder how the ISSF style smallbore and airgun shooting is doing in Britain? Do you see less shooters like we do here?

Keep your arguments coming.
I believe the decline in new shooters is because the sport of FT is becoming a rich guys sport, they should standardize the rifles and minimize the shooting equipment and let would be shooters start from basic stuff.
most of the rifles used are dedicated target rifles not hunting rifles, after all you are mimic in hunting while shooting silhouette animal - birds targets, you wouldn't enter a Rally using a F1 car or would you.
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