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Originally Posted by sven View Post
In a thread about the Rowan DSW I proposed to ban the olympic style shooting jackets in Field Target shooting.
This roused a lot of comments.
So I would like to know what YOU think of this. Arguments pro and contra are welcome.
Hi Sven
i guess you shoot FT (Maybe Wrong) only assuming you shoot a second hand springer with a 9 mag scope you would have spent 200 pair of good boots 70, bean bag pellet pouch another 30, the actual cost of entering and travelling to a competion would probably out strip the cost of a shooting jacket pretty much so i can only assume it is not the cost of the jacket being the reason for you wanting a ban. When James Osbourne won the FT worlds he was wearing a borrowed leather jacket of a non shooting type so what would an actual ban acheive?
Steve Page
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