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Originally Posted by hmangphilly View Post
for the inexperienced scope buyer,
what do you look for ?
how do you tell, test ?

what are the differences likely to be between a good one an average one and a poor one
First thing is to look through it on the mag you will use . IE 50 mag , is it so dark that you cannot make out the pellets marks on the target ? is it clear . then look up towards the sky ( not at the sun ) does it have a coloured ring around the outside ( not good ) does it repeat the ranges on the side wheel . 50 , 52 and 55 yards are the ones to look for . does the sidewheel move smoothly ( heavy is not bad , but it must be smooth ) do the turrets click nicely and not suddenly dissapear . any crimping to the body , scratches to the lenses . if the scope is mounted . fire a shot at 30 yards or so . then go 12 clicks up . fire another at the same point of aim . then go 12 clicks right . fire another at the same point of aim . then go 12 clicks down another at the same point . then go 12 clicks left and another shot at the same point. you should be back to the origional pellet mark . scopes are personal taste . but you must if you can have a look through it . cos it might just be a carrot that nobody wants . if so sell it to NJR on here ??? HOLLY
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