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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Can anyone advise about this problem I have with one of my Leup Comps.
It's a 45x45 Mildot which was done by Prem Reticles.

The problem I am having is a small click at around 30/35yds going forward with the wheel, then when it supposed to come to a stop (with a small amount of pressure or force) it will go around again instead of coming to a firm stop like my other 2. It does come to a firm stop bringing the shell back towards you.

I took the large wheel of and then removed the small original Leupold one which locates onto a PLASTIC boss with a small lug on it. The small lug fits into a recess located on the inside of the original small Leupold sidewheel.

It still PAs ok through all the ranges.

Any idea what's going on, and would there be any problems sending it back to Leupold because of the Prem ret.

Thanks in anticipation.

Sounds like the stop is broken on the wheel ? the only problem with sending it back to lupe is that it will come back with a lupe ret in it . put a letter in saying you want the standard duplex ret if they are gonna change it . the problem with 20+50 lupes is that they have a premier doubler in em which lupe take out ??? HOLL:Y
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