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My first Hunter style shoot was in the summer of 1993, Meon Valleys first open shoot There where very few rules and the course was mostly shot standing, targets ranged from 4yds to however long the string was on the target I managed to get in the shoot off for 2nd place and blew it in one shot (no changes there then) and ended up 3rd
My first FT shoot was probably 93-94 at the Little Green school shoot run by the now defunct ARC that used to be based in Chichester, was an extreme 30 shot course with lots of unusual targets such as playing cards where the middle of the 5 of diamonds was a diamond shape 6mm kill, etc I think i finished the course with a score of 6!! They did run a hunter style dump/gamble shoot along side the FT which i took second in though with Dave Godwin taking the win
Even I couldn't have guessed that 16yrs later I'd still be doing it and enjoying it more than ever
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