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Originally Posted by speed View Post

od 16.5mm
id 12.07mm

slot 5.2mm

shoulder to balljoint 5.8mm

so yes basically same as the ftp
Ace, that makes things much easier then - I'll put together some full drawings for Neil and get him to drill and tap some M5 holes in the plate so you could fit a hook with a couple of 12mm M5 countersunk socket head screws.

Hopefully I'll have the drawings with Neil by tomorrow and then if anyone wants to order one, just ask for the hook plate design I've sent him and let him know what offset you want for the plate - if any. ( Offset butt plates are all the rage don't ya know ). The 3D printed hook I've designed doesn't move the rifle away from your body like other hooks so it doesn't really need any offset at all, but I added a 6mm offset into the plate design - which is about the maximum you could ever want from my hook. ( I took account of the offset trend and the reason for it when I designed my new hook - that's why you don't need an offset with it )

Drop me a PM if you don't have Neil's details and I'll send you his email addy - don't think it's fair to pass it out on the open forum without Neil's permission.

I can't test one out myself as I don't have an Ev2 or an FTP for that matter, only a humble 22 year old TX200

p.s. if you get one, let me know what you think of it please.
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