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Oh yeah, sorry, been a tad busy trying to sort out butt hook orders...

UK Neil has said he can make the plate pictured for 35 inc postage.

I'm 90% sure it'll fit an EV2 mk4 (it'll definitely fit an FTP900) but still not found anyone willing to let me measure their mk4 - couple of lads with Mk4's at the winter league on Sunday, but they were about to shoot a comp so not a great time to start undoing bolts to measure stuff.

If someone's got a Mk4 and can confirm the measurements I can give Neil some more detailed drawings for him to work from.

The measurements I need to confirm are :

Outside diameter of bar (16mm on my model)
Inside diameter of bar (12mm on my model)
Width of slot (5.2mm on my model)
Distance from shoulder of the ball joint to top of the slot (5.8mm on my model)

Once we're happy that the EV2 and the FTP900 are the same - I'll fire some drawings over to Neil and then anyone who wants one can work just contact Neil direct.

There aren't any predrilled and tapped holes in the plate - but I'll probably add in 2x M5 tapped holes (that would also suit my 3D hook as well as most other things you want to attach to it).

The plate on my model is offset 6mm to the right so would only suit a right handed shooter.. No special reason for picking 6mm, so if you'd like a different offset or no offset at all, that's not a problem.
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