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Default What wind

Good day at tondu, though strange as the trees were upright and we did not have to weigh the zero boards down with boulders the size of cars!

Lots of water has soaked in to the ground so we did some prep work for Sundays shoot in moving the firing line to "as dry" a spot as could be found for the last few lanes.

Nice pair of long kneelers in the penultimate lane, that after a pair of long sitters that may or may not be in the middle of the Swirly Wind come sunday?
Chippings in place to keep your bag as free from mud as we can, with Thanks to EWS shunter for driving the train and Arms dealer for conducting engineering work to level things out for the standers

Arms Dealer has put in an official proterst about this lane due the swear word on the sign.
They are not that long though otherwise only Jack and Berty will hit them lol

Sundays long range forecast is 24mph wind and light rain. Perfect conditions!
Shoot will run no matter what the weather

Main Course is fairly well sheltered so should not be too much off plate shooting.
Some Tricky shots over the pair of bottom ponds, Some Angels and of course the is Acid Hands Titanic Target on the pond! Snappy will be on hand to eat any who fall over board!

Easier in the woods where there are a mix of minis and some long fulls, couple of short standers whch is me knackered lol

Then a couple of testing lanes at the courses end.
I predict heigh scores.

No Vermin Side shoot this time so we have gone for the full 10 reducers in the main.

We are looking to have a side shoot, think it will be the "mini long Range"
Mini kills, but nothing past 55 yards. 3 targets, 3 shots at each, 1 a go, Prizes dependant on entry but at least a 10 for 1st. Confirm that after saturday

Covered Zero range will be in use, its got lots of boards out plus:
the 4 practice standing re-setter targets
the three sets of spinners
the practice plates.
Should be enough for zero check and warm up sesson.

The 20 target (20 or 40 shot) Gp practise course will also be open if you want to warm up before doing the main, or indeed if you want a warm down session post disaster, I mean Main shoot? Free to use.

Road is ok, but as ever just take you time and please shut the top gate. Bottom gate can be left open.

Booking in, zero and Gp practise open 8.30 onwards.

Main course Briefing 9.25am

Main shoot open 9.30 am

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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