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I did a few shoots at Fort before the inevitable Summer break ( me ... not Fort ) and they started their GPs with a +5 for springers. I think they found that to be too big a gap as they now seem to have shortened that to +3.

I personally don't think there's any need. I think handicapping can just lead to more controversy with results. I'm coming round to the idea of throwing everyone into the same class and just let people shoot what they want.

Those that want to get the highest number of points they can, and have a variety of types of rifle, will probably choose PCP 0.177 and that's fine. Those that want to shoot 0.22 or recoil, because they just enjoy that more, will do so. I still think it may lead to an extinction of recoil shooters but with only 3 qualifiers this year these shooters ( myself included ) have probably sealed their own fates.

As the number of entries for 0.22 and recoil is so low there seems little satisfaction to be gained from acquiring a gonk from winning such a class.

It still would probably be nice if the folk shooting 0.22 or recoil could have that indicated in the results ( in brackets next to name ) so that they can see where they finished that day in respect to similar shooters. They may not win a gonk but can sleep with a smug grin knowing that they had beaten the similar shooters on that day.
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