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I wouldn't be too dismissive of a T50, I have two here, and my shooting partner has two Mk111 Nikko's a NATO and a mildot, we did several days of back to back testing over a year ago swapping back and forth trying to find pro's and con's varying mag etc.

End result was one of my T50's came out on top and we had a bit of trouble separating the other three, but plumped for the NATO as second place but the Mildot Nikko last, but, it was subjective as there was no real obvious difference.

What we found was if the scope was a bit brighter , it snapped in with less definition, the NATO was a tad brighter on 50x but the #2 Falcon range found better, in both cases though it was marginal and could have come down to tired eyes messing with the scopes for two long, the mildot Nikko however was marginally optically poorer than the other three!

Anyway moral of the story is Nikko's and T50's vary in quality, it's a good idea to look through several if you can, a good T50 is as good as a good Diamond
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