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Originally Posted by del boy View Post
why dont they have handcaps for classes
I would argue that it is difficult to come to a sensible number of points for a class handicaps.

Most wil inevitably be too generous to the good shots if they get the poor shots up amongst the pack.

We use it in SiHFT and last season gone juniors were often getting 100% as did a boinger from memory.

You could argue that the handicaps were spot on in this case, but at one shoot the top score when adjusted was 63.

They were originally conceived as it was felt that it would be needed due to lack of no.s in .22 and spring to make classes but so as to give these people a sense of belonging in the competition and be able to contribute to the team score on the day.

It has and does do that but the trouble is a good junior, .22 shooter or boinger will always be up there the fact maybe that the rest aren't just means they may need to raise their game.

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