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Session 1

Matt Furlong
Grego Hensman
Mick Boswell
Perry Broad (R)
Mark Jones
Dave Clements (R)
Peter Foote
Simon Foote
Nigel Smith
Steve Handby
Casey Handby
Micky Fern
Steve Watson
Rick Arden
Aretha Arden
Tony Male
Rob Lamerton
Ash Bailey
Nick Yates
Nev Baguley
Mark Carter
Ian Millward
Iain Spicer
Kieran Spicer (Jnr)

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Harry Compton
Elliott Compton
Tony Belas
mick mctighe
Rob Mobley
Alex Larkin
Jean Greatrex
Geoff Ryder
Gary Chillingworth
David Nicholls (Daystate poster boy)
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