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Hmm. It does make you wonder who is designing ft specific scopes if that's the case.
Will be interesting to see how the khales has developed since I last saw it in the worlds. Rets are just window dressing to personal choice. While Xmas trees can be made useful plenty have won big titles with just wire and dot or basic duplex. But the basics have to there. If S&B have solved temp shift then I can see hacksaws being pulled out but it has to be proven. Think it took me 6 months to see the shift on my march and if I hadn't had Andrew Gillott and Jon alongside me on the plinking range before the comp I would have just assumed the practice targets weren't at exact distances.

There's a wealth of experience in the uk and it wouldn't do some a little harm to get them under a non disclosure agreement and spend a weekend with them going over the basics of a product before it's launched. Combine the technical engineers with that skill set and facilities like the temp controlled indoor ranges which can go sub zero and you could get a hell of a lot of the basics and more sorted.
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