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Default Tasco Custom Shop problem

Bought this years ago s/h and never used it. Seemed cheap at the time.

Only used it about 4 times.

I put it on a 77 for FT.

The problem is the focus sidewheel. The outer part of the original small sidewheel keeps coming loose. I don't know if this is because of the recoil or just with using.

There are 3 equally spaced very small grubscrews that have a flat screwdriver head ( these are @ 1mm diameter and 1mm long ... so small ). 2 out of the 3 seem fine ... the thread on the 3rd seems wonky.

When you remove the 3 grubs the outer part of the wheel then unscrews off. You can then undo the grubs on the inner ring ( with the numbers on ) and remove that if you wish.

The outer diameter of the outer part has a narrow knurled surface. This sits slightly proud. It's this knurled surface that the large custom sidewheel sits over and that itself has 3 grubs that tighten to hold the custom sidewheel in place.

So it seems that the 3 grubs on the outer part fail and when then trying to focus with the large custom wheel the original outer turns but the focus doesn't change.

I've tighten those little grubs up as tight as you can but they keep failing.

This looks all alloy.

When you screw off the original outer part you can see that it screws onto a very fine thread.

I believe that no one repairs these any more? So it seems like a home repair job or nowt.

So I suppose any fix is worth trying before binning it. It would be nice to be able to undo whatever I do though.

So would it be possible to put some blue threadlock on that very fine alloy thread and screw the outer bit back in place. The blue is supposed to be 'manual tool' removable. I don't fancy it on 1mm dia 1mm long grubs with a very very tiny single slot drive on top ( Jewellers screwdriver to remove ) as it may be too easy to wreck the tiny slot.

I'm hoping that some blue on that thread and screw the outer piece on may work as I could get some grips ( with protection padding ... although that knurled area is a mess as it is with all the custom sidewheel grubs over the years ) on the diameter of the outer bit to try and remove.

I'm not fancying heat on a scope to break threadlock.

I suppose the other option is the bin and I can't see this ever being opened up again internally. So if it has to be 'welded' on and never to come off then at least I can use it until it dies and then bin it.

The other option is to just lock up the grubs tight again and use it on a pcp and see if it's use or recoil that's loosening it. If it holds on a pcp then it's a pcp only scope.

Any other suggestions please?

PS Just to clarify ... there is no actual play in the focus mechanism. It's solid and works perfectly. The problem is just the very outside part of the sidewheel assembly that screws on and then is held with 3 small grubs. Take that off ( or when it's tight ) and the focus sidewheel has no play and is smooth and works perfectly ... but I need that piece solid so the custom wheel with the markings on will turn the focus. This is the outer part that when you remove you can then see ( side view ) the fixings to then get into the scope.

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