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My new Steyr came with a very tight 50 m test group. Having gone and picked a gun from a batch (between Xmas and New Year) I was suprised by how much variation there was in the test groups of the 5 or 6 guns I looked at.

This variation's probably got more to do with the suitability of the pellets for each individual gun as anything else. Having said this I did go for the gun with the tightest test card, couldn't help myself.

So far it's proving to be an incredibly accurate gun. I've shot (indoors) several groups tighter than the test card, albeit at 50 yards rather than 50 m. Barrel dosen't really seem to need cleaning either, chrono indicates that the gun is very consistent, it's +/- 4 fps with slugs right from the tin.

In practical terms I can't fault it, though I have put LG100 wood on it as the new fore end was just too heavy and clumsy for me. I still find it a little fiddly to load but other than that quibble the thing is sublime.
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