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The printers are back up to speed again and the first 5 production models arrived this morning.

The production models have a thicker hook (not that it really needed it, but I've done it anyway) and a slightly thicker carrier plate base - and I've also designed a thumb adjuster similar to a knobman knob - only this one's 5 and 3D printed to fit the 3D hook perfectly.

I've put the eCommerce website live now as well - the price is a little inflated on the site by 10 to cover paypal charges etc. but if anyone from here wants to order one on the site, just drop me a PM for a special Shooting the Breeze discount code.

I'm sold out of stock at the moment - but I'm saving up to put in an order for 20 hooks in a weeks time. If you want one and don't mind pre-ordering on the website (might be a 2-3 week wait for stock to come in) then you'll be guaranteed a hook from the next batch.
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