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Originally Posted by Lloyd_D View Post

My personal feelings on the matter are that it would be unfair to put .177 springers up against .22 PCP's as average scores show that the .177 springers have a definite advantage with range finding margin of error . Things maybe on equal footing on mickey mouse course ranges but not at UK national level's.


The scores for both the .22 and springer classes were much of a much ness this year with the .22 coming out on top in most rounds .
Top scores of the class

R1= .22=53 spring= 50
R2= .22=51 spring= 54
R3= .22=51 spring= 53
R4= .22=54 spring= 47
R5= .22=58 spring= 57
R6= .22=54 spring= 51
R7= .22=44 spring= 51
R8= .22=47 spring= 52
R9= .22=51 spring= 49

So a .22 shooter would have one 5 off the 9 rounds if the two were to combine and lets not forget there were more guys shooting the springers at each round so just don't see how shooting a twager can be that much of an advantage .I say lets get them together and make a group worth shooting in as far as numbers go and give the top guys in both groups a bit more to shoot against .
ATB Matt.
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