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Originally Posted by luddite View Post
Valid target.
Course setters set a sub 10 yarder then a 50 plus target next.
Catches out the unwary.
Same aim point.

I have never been hit by a pellet from a close target, though i must confess to cringing slightly when i watch a kid shoot one!
I think as long as the target is thick enough steel it should shatter the pellet, some 'copies' are thinner steel, which i guess could 'bounce' the pellet back?

I have considered leaving safety glasses at short range targets, so people can choose...or maybe even insist they are worn?.....I hate rules where they are not necessary so am reluctant to do anything.

If anyone can state that they are dangerous, i won't hesitate to enforce the rule.
This has made me think to be honest!..(that's rare!)
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