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Smile Import from Holland non AT sub 12 lbs/ft air rifles or...

I may have missed a thread...but it is clearly NOT illegal to remove AT from any UK sourced air rifle...

As I have invested close to 7500 Squids (YTD) and plan to be buying more air rfiles to add to my collection, this will be done to my AA by BTAS on my AA rifles.

Clearly AT is aimed at the hooligans, and sub standard citizen sullying our sport. Not us, responsible, 40 ish, chaps, who dont bat an eyelid when it comes to 600 pound scopes to fit a 800+ air rifle.

Lastly, I have always been against the SMK brand, as It is a cheap crass inferior product, which unfortunately is available to irresponsible parents due to their cheap budget, which consequently gets national press headlines, like youngster shoot & mame cow, sheep, dog, cat etc...

As a last resort, I recommend importing 'grey' sourced Steyrs , or buy directly from Holland, with non AT fitted.

For crying out loud, who cares if its not "UK sourced" blah we in the real shooting fraternity know, and enjoy stripping, cleaning, modifying legally, and correcting any problems to our beloved and cherished possessions with the occasional airgun shop fix...
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