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It's a great idea, Tugg, it would really allow us to understand what sort of targets we are most usually falling down on, and would answer the perennial question "was it just me, or did anyone else ...?"

But then it'd fall over because someone would have to provide the wax pencils and plastic panels for people to write on, or else some lucky volunteer is going to have to collate it all.

Of course, if there was some sort of website where individuals could enter their own scores on every target on every round on every course, that'd be ideal!

But that would need us all to be able to take our scorecards away with us after every comp, which isn't the way it's done at the moment. But just because it isn't done that way now, doesn't mean it isn't possible. One other useful benefit would be if comp organisers would post the range details of every target after each round; I for one can't remember what I estimated any target to be. It's be good to be able to see that I'm most frequently missing 30-35 yarders, for instance (and the rest!)

I wonder what others think about it?

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