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We all have bad days I can remember two of mine very well.

1996 - Shot at Nomads FTC (near Petersfield, Hampshire) when having a 50 shot open. I was just a middle B Grader at the time (no AA back then). Hot a total of 47 with next score (A Grade) of 44. Chuffed to bits and feeling great as prepararion for a 40shot GP the following weekend.
Did everything the same on the course yet walked away with only a total of 12 hit targets and 16 splits were none when down. Felt like chucking all all in but then on the way home my mates said 'well you know you can do it, just look at last week as you creamed so good shooters big time'

1997 - GP at Plymouth FTC (I think) near South Brent.
1st five lanes in a field before turning 180 deg into a wood section. No matter what I did I only hit 1 target in that field. I was fuming and was going to chuck it all in and retire from the course thinking the rifle was off completely. In the wait between lane 5 and 6, I gave myself a good talking to and a mental kick up the arse telling myself to just concentrate.
My mates must have thought I was a right **** as I ignored everything else but each lane. I walked off the course with a 30 having missed just one target in the wooded bit.

We all make an arse of ourselves at some point in our sport but its only the same in life.
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