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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Hey Brett,

Be prepared for it to take at least 4 months to learn to sit correctly, like you I couldn't get down on the scope when I started so raised the hamster, it helped but made the gun top heavy and gave me loads of wobble.

I only need about 10mm in height as well. In the end I took it off the height and forced myself to sit in the proper stance. It killed for about a month but you have to stick with it and then it comes good.

Don't be afraid to make changes and then change again but try to only change one thing at a time so it's easier to solve the problem, changing 3 or 4 things at a time can and often does lead to a nightmare weekend of no shooting and two days on the keys.
I can see it will take time to get used to sitting correctly and like an idiot I thought that was going to be the easy bit
so my first change would be a rail for the mk4 and keep the high mounts is that correct
as that would put the gun in a more heads up position then adjust the hamster accordingly
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