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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I'm sure we will Jack. Just keep going fella.

In line with Conor's post ...

I shot an early years' round of HFT at Emley/Redfearns. My partner had a lean spell and had missed the last few targets. We came to a stander shooting over several yards of bushes. Poor lad missed that one as well and his rig went flying through the air and into the bushes. I didn't want to say but he got closer to knocking it down with the rig than he did with the pellet.

He really wasn't very amused and it wasn't the time for laughing. Quite tense. The next few targets were a nightmare with me trying to shoot whilst biting my tongue. I was bursting.

The best I saw was a partner launch his Driver about 40 yards into the middle of the pool next to the 1st Tee at Keele Golf Course.
My problem is that I never actually do the deed.
I think it. Violently, sometimes. But I never have the bottle to do it, following an experience during my teens.
As an apprentice joiner, I was in a new, unsold, house, fixing skirting boards in the bathroom. And I kept on bending nails. Then I hit the end of my finger. My word, that did hurt.
Suddenly, in a fury and without thought for the consequences, I flung my claw hammer onto the floor; which being wood, meant that the hammer bounced. Oh, how it bounced.
Straight into the air, smashed the light fitting then, as it descended, landed on the rim of the wash basin and gouged a lump out of that, before disappearing precisely into the toilet bowl and wrecking that too.

It happened in seconds, but I can clearly remember kneeling on the floor, with my mouth hanging open, and wondering where was the best place to get another bathroom suite, and fitted, without anyone noticing.

That little burst of temper cost me seven weeks wages. And taught me a very timely lesson.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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