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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I had heard that HFT was for Hairy Fairy Target shooter. I'm glad you've put me right on that one.
[in comparison with me - everyone is good at it.]

Hello Jen.
That is an interesting view on the matter. It's great to hear that it worked out so well for you.
Good for you for having the courage to try something different.

The problem for me, with HFT, is the prone position.
If I got down into a prone position, it would be weeks before I got back to my feet again.
When I first started I did a couple of 'friendly' HFT shoots, and really enjoyed them. I shot everything standing. But that is very tiring. I do like the idea though of getting one point for hitting the plate.

I don't have a problem with the scope/range-finding etc, so long as I don't fling the gun on the floor before I start.

The car fuse puller is perfect BTW - or at least it is for the large Rowan Big Nikko wheel anyway.
I bought a dozen today at my local car factor for 50p. Different colours too

I sorted the scope out.
It had moved 40mm out vertically & 20mm horizontally - so not too bad actually, with not a great deal of adjustment necessary to bring it back to position. Spot on again now.
I don't wish to worry you further jack . but you should know that if Rifle/Scope goes out and you readjust it . over a period of time it can come back in to it's origional setting ? or not . sorry about that jack , but the motto should be " don't drop the rifle " ??? HOLLY
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