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It happens to us all at some point. Mine was 12ish years ago when I just got fed up with it. Thinking back now it might have been to do with the cost, for example even to do each Winter league shoot its 30+ fuel before even pulling the trigger. Gave up but kept my gear.

About 3 years after that I then realised that I was missing some thing. Got back into it again I realised that I would not be the best but I could just enjoyed the company when out shooting regardless of how good or bad the day was.

After nearly 20years of FT, I still find that its the company and characters on the circuit that keeps me coming back. Learn from your mistakes, everyone has probably done something similar in their FT lifetime. Probably also done them in personal life to.

Enjoy yourself, have a laugh and relax and the scores will get better. Took me nearly 3 years to go from C to B with many a single or low double digit score at a GP. Scores improved when I relaxed and just enjoyed the day out, even after an hour ferry journey and 4 hr drive Manchester to shoot and then return home after hitting only 9 targets out of 40.
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