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Originally Posted by Tackleberry View Post
It's not the age old question folks, but does any one see a Batch pellet improvement for AA pellets (4.52 size) as a comparison to the "Intershoot batch" listed JSB pellets?

If an AA pellet can be found to work with some degree of Batch improvement, why does no suppplier offer AA's from batched dies?

Or are they all just pot luck?

It is possible to get a supplier to send out a specific batch of Air Arms, I have done it with BAR and Uttings.

It is best you speak to them about your order on the phone and make it very clear what you want otherwise you will generally get what they can lay their hands on first in the store room.

First you need to find a batch that you are confident with and secondly one that is still available out there in large numbers.

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